Power Outage Leads to $50,000 Prize for Clear Spring Woman

Deanna Fraley - Red Hot riches_webDeanna Fraley won $50,000 on the Red Hot Riches scratch-off!

Scratches Red Hot Riches top prize during storm

Last Thursday, was a bad day for many Washington County residents, including Deanna Fraley. A storm caused havoc in the area, first knocking out the power and then flooding the town. All hope wasn’t lost for Deanna though, thanks to a little bit of good fortune.

Although Deanna only plays the Lottery occasionally, she decided to go to Al’s Pizza and Convenience to play a few scratch-offs after she lost power. One of those tickets, a Red Hot Riches scratch-off, turned out to be a $50,000 top-prize winner.

“Everyone in the store knew I had won,” the 46-year-old corrections officer said. “I was just so excited that I couldn’t keep it in.”

In tears, she immediately called her husband to share the good news. The win couldn’t have come at a better time for the couple. After all was said and done, the Clear Spring area of Washington County was declared a state of emergency due to the torrential flooding. Deanna’s basement was damaged, and she and her husband Preston are glad to have the extra money for necessary repairs.

In addition to home repairs, Deanna plans to take a vacation to celebrate her win. The winning ticket was purchased at Al’s Pizza and Convenience in Clear Springs. The Red Hot Riches scratch-off still has three $50,000 top-prizes remaining.