Power Play Paves the Way for Player’s $250,000 Powerball Payday

Multiplies $50,000 win in Feb 20 drawing

Playing Powerball at the right time can go a long way toward making your day. A 48-year-old Pennsylvania man also learned that adding the game’s Power Play feature to your ticket can make that day five times as awesome! Power Play pumped his $50,000 prize in the Feb. 20 drawing up to a hefty $250,000.

The winner, a federal government worker who lives in Fawn Grove, purchases his weekly tickets during his commute. His regular stop is at 7-Eleven #32909 at 6930 Aviation Boulevard in Glen Burnie. The York County resident has played Powerball since the game began and buys tickets from Maryland retailers solely because this state allows him to claim prizes anonymously.

The lucky winner’s celebration began on Sunday when he checked his Powerball ticket’s numbers with the online results. Floored when his numbers matched and he calculated his multiplied payout at $250,000, the lucky man had to take time to collect his thoughts. “I made some coffee and waited an hour before I looked at the ticket again,” he said.

The happy man shared the exciting news with his wife after dinner that evening but plans to keep quiet about his prize. He will donate some of the funds from the unlikely win to his church, spend some of the prize on home improvements and put the rest into savings. A boat is a possible purchase, too, down the road.

“I’ve always had to work hard to get the things that I have, so this can be a bit hard to believe,” he said. “I’m sure this will sink in when I get home.”