Power Play Purchase Boosts Powerball Prize to $150,000

$150K Powerball Power Couple_web

This “Power Couple” from Silver Spring tripled a $50,000 Powerball prize by adding Power Play to a ticket for the May 4 drawing.

Power couple miss jackpot by one number

A Silver Spring couple who missed a Powerball jackpot by one number are still celebrating their win of a larger than usual Maryland Lottery prize in the May 4 drawing. Adding Power Play to their ticket boosted their prize to $150,000!

The husband picked up the ticket at Rite Aid #3788 in Silver Spring while running errands. The 60-year-old stopped at the store, which is located at 13870 Georgia Avenue, on May 2 to pick up a few things. While there, the urge hit him to play Powerball so the Montgomery County man purchased a quick pick ticket from a Lottery vending machine. The state employee missed the Wednesday drawing and didn’t find out until May 9 that he held a winning ticket.

“My wife was asleep when I checked the ticket on the Lottery’s website,” he said. “I tried to wake her, but she turned over and said she was trying to sleep.” She finally woke up and heard all about his huge surprise.

“It was an incredible feeling,” she said. The lucky couple, who have three children between them, said the winnings will go into a mutual fund. They added that they might purchase a car in the future, too.