Powerball Delivers $50,000 Early Christmas Gift to Newlyweds

“The Thousandaires” of Bel Air discovered their $50,000 Powerball win while they were on their honeymoon.

Bel Air couple discovered they had won while on their honeymoon

A newlywed couple from Harford County already have a memorable story to tell about their first Christmas together, thanks to a $50,000 prize they won on a Powerball ticket during their honeymoon earlier this week.

“We’re just so grateful for the last couple of days and this just makes it better,” the Bel Air residents said.

Many happily married couples would cite their wedding day as one of the most memorable moments in their lives, and that’s especially true for our newest Powerball winners, who dubbed themselves “The Thousandaires.” Their last-minute wedding preparations turned out to be the icing on their wedding cake.

On their big day, after the groom got his “wedding” haircut he stopped at the Royal Farms store at 1915 Belair Road in Fallston to pick up some food for the bride.

“I tried to call her but she didn’t answer so I grabbed her a sandwich at Royal Farms,” he said, adding that he had a few dollars left after paying for the sandwich and snacks. He asked the cashier what the Powerball jackpot was, and after hearing that it was at more than $200 million, he decided to get a ticket and try his luck.

First, came the happiness of the wedding. Then, while they were enjoying their honeymoon, the groom pulled the ticket from the Dec. 13 Powerball drawing out of his wallet to check it. And that brought on the happiness of Lottery luck.

“I looked at my ticket and said, ‘Why do my numbers match the numbers on my phone?’” the said the winner.

After seeing that their numbers matched and that they had won $50,000 they called their parents, needing someone to verify that what they were seeing was real and not a dream. And after that, the newlyweds were jumping up and down.

Normally couples aren’t excited to arrive home after their honeymoon, but “The Thousandaires” were so ecstatic that they came directly to the Maryland Lottery office in Baltimore after their return flight on Friday morning. The newlyweds plan to use the money to pay bills and start their new life together.