Powerball Diva Wins $50,000 Prize in Weekend Drawing

$50K Powerball Diva web

Geneva the “Powerball” Diva from Baltimore, won $50,000 in the Feb. 4 Powerball drawing.

Jackpot rolls to $355 million for Feb. 8 drawing

After five years of playing her personal set of numbers in hopes of landing a big Powerball prize, a 58-year-old fan is enjoying her brush with Lottery luck. The Baltimore woman saw five of her numbers match those in the Feb. 4 drawing. She won $50,000!

Geneva “Powerball” Diva, as she nicknamed herself, followed her Saturday routine that includes purchasing Lottery tickets bearing her sets of numbers. She enjoys Powerball and made sure she bought her $10 ticket for the Saturday night drawing at Market 21. The store, located at 4300 Belair Road in Baltimore, is her favorite weekend Lottery retailer and now a lucky Lottery retailer!

She missed the actual drawing, as often happens on the weekends.

“I typically wait and just get a weekly print out of the numbers,” said the Powerball Diva. “I couldn’t believe it when I saw I matched all of the numbers except for one.”

She was one of 24 players around the country who won $50,000 in the drawing. Two out-of-state players won $1 million but no one hit the jackpot and it rolled to $355 million for the Feb. 8 drawing. The cash option is $154.4 million.

The happy winner said her good fortune arrived at a great time. She plans to use the winnings to get back on her feet financially. Because her brother has been so kind during her struggles, she plans to help his daughter pay for her upcoming wedding. “I will save some of it too,” said Geneva “Powerball” Diva.