Powerball Fan Who Chases ‘Low’ Jackpots Wins $50,000

Bladensburg resident claims prize in Jan. 5 drawing

A Mega Millions and Powerball fan who plays when jackpots are low, rather than high, fulfilled his dream of winning big! Although he missed the $69 million Powerball jackpot prize by one number, the Bladensburg man’s quick-pick ticket delivered a $50,000 prize in the Saturday, Jan. 5 drawing.

When asked why he avoids playing when the jackpots are high, the happy father said, “I feel like there’s a better chance of winning when the jackpots are so low. There’s less publicity, less news about it and a better chance for me.”

The loyal fan bought his lucky ticket at Parkway Market located at 5670 Annapolis Road in Bladensburg. That Saturday night, the 80-year-old stayed up to watch the drawing on television. As it took place, he realized some of his numbers matched the winning numbers.

The Prince George’s County resident immediately phoned his daughter and told her that he might have won. He did wonder if his eyes were deceiving him but the $50,000 prize was truly his. This win tops his previous record of $5,000 won on a lucky Pick 4 ticket. The winner said he plans to save the prize for future endeavors.

No one hit the Powerball jackpot in Wednesday’s drawing, so it rolled again to $96 million for the Saturday, Jan. 12 drawing. The cash option is $58.8 million.