Powerball Jackpot Chaser Surprised by $50,000 Prize

Newlyweds David and Nancy Escobedo of Essex may travel abroad with relatives to enjoy their Powerball prize.

Finds lucky win in Nov. 27 drawing

“It’s unbelievable, I wasn’t expecting to win!” said a newlywed from Essex. David Escobedo bought a Powerball ticket for the Nov. 27 drawing and was still in disbelief about his Lottery luck when he claimed his $50,000 prize.

The new husband bought his winning quick-pick ticket at a Woodlawn convenience store on his way home from work. A periodic Powerball player, David checks Lottery tickets weekly and arrived at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim his prize a week after his purchase. The first person David told of his good fortune was his wife Nancy, who at first thought he was playing a practical joke on her. The jackpot chaser was telling her the truth — he really had won!

“I only start playing when the numbers get big,” David said. He told Lottery officials that he has won here and there in the past, but nothing close to this $50,000 windfall. He deemed this prize “unbelievable!”

Asked what he would do with his newly acquired funds, the 59-year-old replied, “We’ll take my sister and brother-in-law out on a trip to London or Paris, and use the rest for what we need.”

David found his lucky ticket at Maryland Business Enterprise Program convenience store #119 located at 7500 Security Boulevard in Woodlawn. No one hit the Powerball jackpot in that drawing or the others that followed, so a lucky player could take home a $120 million jackpot from the Wednesday, Dec. 4 drawing. The cash option is $82.7 million.