Powerball Leaves Pennsylvania Man Speechless

Wins $10,000 Third-Tier Prize

When it came to the Lottery, a couple of bucks twice a week on jackpot games was the norm for Dewayne Fowble of Spring Grove, Pa.  Every week or so he’d check his Mega Millions and Powerball tickets at whichever Lottery retailer his travels as a plumber brought him near.  This was his routine.  Yesterday his routine changed.

“I always use the ticket-reader device to check my tickets,” he explained to officials.  “Usually I get the ‘not a winner’ message, but this time I saw a message I’d never gotten before – it said: congratulations.”  A conversation with the cashier and a print-out of the June 2nd winning Powerball numbers made things clear – he was a $10,000 winner.

“I just stood there, I couldn’t say anything.”  This sudden inability to speak was, according to a co-worker that accompanied Dewayne to Lottery Headquarters, very unusual for him.  “The lady behind the counter was making more noise that I was.  She was pretty excited.”

Paying bills and some improvements to his house are high on the list of Dewayne’s plans for his Powerball winnings.  He also plans to continue playing Maryland’s mega-jackpot games and he’ll definitely stop by his new favorite Lottery store – Savory Deli & Market, 2801 Fallston Road in Fallston.