Powerball Luck Finds Two Maryland Men

Friends pool cash, win $10,000 prize

Two Powerball pals who pooled their cash to buy a $10 ticket for the June 7 drawing won one of Maryland’s two $10,000 prizes! They let the machine quick pick their numbers this time and matched four of the winning numbers plus the Powerball. No one won the jackpot, which rolled to $257 million for the Wednesday, June 11 drawing.

“We’ve only started playing together for a couple of weeks,” said one of the winners, a 44-year-old married father of four from Owings Mills. “I have regular numbers that I play, but this one was random.”

The duo began playing together by chance, said the other half of the winning team. “He said he was going to buy some tickets, so I gave him a few bucks to include me,” smiled the lucky player. The Baltimore bachelor, who is also 44 years old, has a birthday coming up and termed the win “an early birthday gift for me.”

The Owings Mills man bought the ticket on Saturday at Hamilton Grocery located at 2300 Hamilton Avenue in Baltimore. Both men missed the drawing that night but a scan of the ticket on Sunday revealed the $10,000 win!

The Baltimore City employees wasted no time claiming the prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore on Monday morning. The married dad considers the win an early Father’s Day gift and plans to spend the money on a vacation. The bachelor plans to celebrate his upcoming birthday and reinvest in another Powerball ticket. Both hope this is the beginning of their journey to good fortune and they look forward to meeting Lottery officials again with a much bigger win.