Powerball Pipe Dreams Realized for Glen Burnie Plumber

Late this week, Anne Arundel County residents might have heard a yelp of triumph as a Glen Burnie Powerball player learned that he was $50,000 richer. The parking lot of a 7-Eleven became the site of an impromptu victory parade as a hopeful player saw his Powerball dreams realized as he won a $50,000 prize.

The 58-year-old plumber said he discovered his big win when he stopped at a convenience store to pick up tickets for the upcoming Powerball drawing. While there, he scanned a few tickets from previous drawings. Suddenly, he got an unexpected result. A $50,000 prize flashed on the screen, which made him take a second glance at the ticket he held from the Sept. 15 drawing. That $2 Powerball quick-pick ticket matched four of the drawn numbers and the Powerball, winning the substantial third-tier prize. He was one of only three Marylanders to claim that prize in the drawing.

Overcome by the moment, the lucky man burst out of the store in a hurry to share his unbelievable news. “I let out a big old yell and ran to the car,” he said. As he crossed the parking lot, he began fist bumping and celebrating with bystanders. When he reached home, the happy man called his brother and left a breathless, cryptic message.

“He was shouting! He said ‘Good news, good news – I’ll talk to you later,’ and the only thing I could think of was, maybe he won the Lottery,” his brother explained.

As the two rode to Lottery headquarters to create another great family memory, the Montgomery Park office complex that houses the Lottery Winner’s Circle brought back fond memories of traveling as boys to the big city on the streetcar to visit their great uncle. Their relative worked at the former Montgomery Ward department store distribution center.

The lucky winner said the prize gives him a sense of relief because it will let him pay off debts. “This is such a blessing. Just to know I can be debt free is a great feeling,” said the winner.

The lucky Lottery retailer where his magic moment began is Shoppers #2283 store located at 8048 Ritchie Highway in Pasadena. Could a winning moment be in your future? A $2 ticket is all it takes! The Powerball jackpot for Saturday is $213 million with a cash option of $124.6 million.