Powerball Player Misses Jackpot by One Number!

Edgewater Lottery fan wins $50,000 in Oct. 17 drawing

While lottery players around the country focus on the rolling Mega Millions jackpot, one loyal Powerball fan kept playing his favorite game and won $50,000 in the Oct. 17 Powerball drawing!

“It’s just plain luck, no conspiracy theories, no inside jobs, it’s just plain luck,” said the Edgewater man.

His mom played a role in his third-tier Powerball win because she decided to join the Mega Millions excitement and get a ticket. The Mega Millions jackpot, which keeps rolling, is set for $1.6 billion for the Tuesday, Oct. 23 drawing. Powerball also rolled to $620 million for the Wednesday, Oct. 24 drawing.

The Anne Arundel County man drove to the closest Lottery retailer, which was 7-Eleven #11550 in Bowie, to purchase Mega Millions and Powerball tickets for the weekend drawings. When he got to the store located at 7404 Laurel Bowie Road, the 55-year-old bought a $10 Mega Millions ticket and $10 quick-pick Powerball ticket.

He didn’t check his numbers until Sunday. The player and his mom were eating dinner when she suggested he see if he’d won. The player went online to get the numbers while his mother looked at the tickets. As he read off the winning numbers, the son heard his mother in the other room shout, “OH MY GOD!” He jumped up, asking, “What, did you hurt yourself?” only to learn that he had four of the five winning numbers on his quick-pick ticket plus the Powerball.

The happy son plans to save his prize for the future and buy more Mega Millions tickets in hopes of winning the jackpot.