Powerball Prize to Pack a Punch for Baltimore Bartender

Putting $10,000 prize to play

What a great gift, and perfect timing, too! A 28-year-old Baltimore woman is thrilled about the $10,000 Powerball prize she won in the Jan. 28 drawing just in time to boost her upcoming birthday fun and one-year anniversary celebration.

A bartender at a local restaurant, the lucky lady found her Lottery prize at the Wawa located at 6541 Eastern Avenue in Baltimore. “I was actually holding up the line because I could not decide what to buy,” said the winner. “So, I ended up getting some scratch-offs and a random Powerball ticket.”

The happy player went to work the day after the drawing without checking her $10 Powerball ticket. Her boyfriend actually discovered her $10,000 win. “I knew something was wrong after I had seven missed calls from him,” she said, laughing. “He eventually just sent me a screen shot of the ticket.”

The winner and her boyfriend will celebrate their one-year anniversary in March, which is the same month as her birthday. They had already scheduled a two-week vacation to Costa Rica and will use the prize money toward the trip. The rest of her winnings, she said, will go toward paying off debt.