Powerball Purchase Makes ‘Furlough Fairy’ $50,000 Richer

“Furlough Fairy” wins big! This lucky Bel Air lady plans to share some of her $50,000 Powerball prize with furloughed federal workers in her area.

Bel Air woman plans to help federal workers using prize from Jan. 2 drawing

A Powerball purchase on New Year’s Eve became a huge blessing for Bel Air’s “Furlough Fairy,” who plans to use part of her $50,000 prize to continue helping furloughed federal workers impacted by the government shutdown.

The Harford County healthcare worker bought her lucky $10 ticket at Giant #365 in Abingdon. The 53-year-old, who was shopping for ingredients for a big New Year’s Eve dinner, added Powerball tickets to her purchase of ham and sweet potatoes. Lottery luck even paved the way to her big win — she paid for her Powerball purchase with the proceeds from earlier Pick 3 luck!

She forgot about the ticket until weeks later while shopping at the grocery. “Furlough Fairy” dug out the ticket and scanned it using the store ticket checker. The unexpected message on the ticket checker screen gave her the shock of her life.

“When I saw that number on the screen, I thought I was going to have a heart attack! It was mayhem,” she said. The dubious winner scanned her ticket four more times to be sure her eyes weren’t deceiving her. A store clerk saw her repeatedly scanning the ticket and asked to help. “Furlough Fairy” got quick confirmation of her good fortune!

The lucky player said she plans to use the prize for a bit of travel, but also to do a lot of good. “I want to bless the furloughed federal workers,” she told Lottery officials. “Furlough Fairy,” you see, has been purchasing and distributing gift cards during the government shutdown to furloughed federal workers she knows who need assistance. She plans to use her Lottery proceeds to continue to help federal workers in need.

“Furlough Fairy” also plans to share her gratitude by returning to the lucky store at 3299 Emmorton Road to surprise the clerk who helped make her big win possible.