Powerball Win Sparks Excitement in Harford County Electrician

Lucky player claims $50,000 prize from April 21 drawing

The power pulsed and sparks flew when a Harford County electrician took a Powerball ticket he purchased in April to a Lottery retailer to check it for a prize. A moment later, the electrifying result was clear. The 60-year-old had won a $50,000 prize!

The happy player said his lucky win stems from his habit of purchasing Powerball tickets when he stops to fuel his truck. At every stop, he buys a $2 quick-pick ticket and places it in his vehicle’s center console.

After weeks of purchases, the winner had compiled a large stack of tickets. He visited a local Lottery retailer, pulled up a stool and began scanning tickets, one after another, to check for winners. Many of the tickets failed to yield a prize but he did find an occasional $2 winner in the mix. All of a sudden, the ticket checker displayed the kind of message that made him look up, scratch his head and scan the ticket again. Sure enough, he won $50,000 on a ticket bought at Wawa #8500 in Fallston for the April 21 drawing!

The lucky man said he is still formulating plans for his prize and may use a portion to finance his next cruise vacation.

Could Lottery luck strike twice at this retailer? Would-be winners can visit Wawa #8500 located at 204 Connolly Road in Harford County to find out!