Powerball Winner’s Dream Becomes Reality

Only days before the Christmas holiday, a Powerball fan from Montgomery County tested his Lottery luck by buying a $10 quick-pick ticket for the Dec. 22 drawing. Jolly St. Nick gave the 70-year-old the sweet holiday treat he has long wished for — a big win!

The lucky Poolesville man claimed his $50,000 prize this week at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

“The Lottery is like seeing a movie,” the winner said. “When you watch a movie, you fantasize that it can be you in the movie and playing the Lottery is the same way. You fantasize about winning and that it can happen to you someday.”

The loyal player found his Lottery luck at his favorite retailer, Village Beer & Wine at 19716 Fisher Avenue in Poolesville. The day after the drawing, he went online to check the winning numbers and saw that he had five matches. Thinking he won $100, the player went to a convenience store to claim his prize. The store ticket scanner, however, reported his win as $50,000, not $100, and that led the startled player to ask the clerk to scan the ticket. Having his holiday wish confirmed was a great surprise!

The happy Powerball fan plans to retire in the near future and use the winnings toward his dream trip to Ireland.