Prayer for a Lottery Birthday Blessing Answered 100,000 Times

Bowie woman wins $100,000 Powerball prize

A Bowie woman who was praying for a Powerball win for her 62nd birthday saw her big day come and go with nary a Lottery blessing in sight. Not losing hope, she kept playing four games of Powerball with the Power Play option for each drawing, week after week. On Oct. 12, she won $100,000!

“I feel like my prayers were actually answered,” she said. “This is so amazing.”

Her Lottery luck changed after a quick brunch with a girlfriend and a stop at the Bowie Exxon to buy her Powerball tickets. She left the gas station located at 1500 N.W. Crain Highway in Bowie and went on her way. Hours later, she was a big winner!

“When I realized I had won, I went to show my husband the winning numbers on my iPad,” she said. “He was showering at the time and I don’t think he really believed me at first so I practically got in the shower with the iPad to prove to him that I did. We’re still in shock that we won so big.”

A quick-pick ticket brought home the big prize, which she plans to use to pay off a cruise she’s booked to the Caribbean. The loyal player plans to put the rest into her savings account.