Pre-snowstorm Lottery Scratch-off Purchase Leads to Blizzard of Bucks

$50K - $1 Million Fortune Hagerstown familyRobert Purcell brought his family to Lottery headquarters to help celebrate his $50,000 scratch-off win and shares the limelight with (left to right) Theresa Roddy, Robert Purcell, Will Purcell and Stephen Purcell.

Hagerstown grocery store dairy manager claims $50,000 prize

Grocery store dairy managers like Robert Purcell of Hagerstown know all too well the ‘great for business’ bedlam created by snowstorm forecasts. After a long day of stocking the dairy case for snow-frenzied customers, the Hagerstown Food Lion supervisor enjoyed his own flurry of excitement at home.

After scratching off a Maryland Lottery $1 Million Fortune instant ticket bought at the end of his tiring shift, the weary 66-year-old revealed an energizing $50,000 win!

Finding a blizzard of bucks is the perfect ending to a busy day assisting snow-wary shoppers. “It was crazy. A madhouse,” Robert said.

In fact, the exhausted father of 10 was so tired when his shift ended he just wanted to put his feet up by the fireplace, watch some Washington Capitals hockey and scratch off an instant ticket. On his way home, he bought a $20 $1 Million Fortune scratch-off from Roxy Liquors, which shares space in the Kenley Village Shopping Center in Hagerstown with his Food Lion store.

Once he got settled at home, Robert pulled out the ticket and scratched his way to the $50,000 prize. “Chaos erupted,” Robert said. “It’s just so unbelievable.”

News spread quickly about the Washington County man’s win. Sons Will, age 16, and Stephen, 15, snapped a photo of the winning scratch-off and sent it out so all of their siblings could share the good news. Robert, who was widowed in 2002, is planning to use his prize carefully on clothing and taking everyone on a rare full-week family vacation somewhere out of the ordinary.

Want to check out his lucky store? Stop by Roxy Liquors located at 761 East Wilson Boulevard.