Premonition Precedes Player’s $20,000 Scratch-off Win

Lucky premonition or coincidence? Jamise Davis of Baltimore celebrates her $20,000 scratch-off blessing in the Lottery Winner’s Circle.

Retiree claims top prize on Big Money Spectacular game

A Baltimore city scratch-off player’s long-awaited vacation in the South Pacific is closer to reality, thanks to her lucky Maryland Lottery purchase! A Big Money Spectacular scratch-off and the premonition that led the 60-year-old to make the purchase gave her a $20,000 top-prize win.

Jamise Davis told Lottery officials about having a strange dream in which a voice told her to expect a blessing to rain down on her. Last weekend, the retiree purchased several scratch-offs – including the lucky Big Money Spectacular game – from Triple A Tobacco in Nottingham. She took the games home and sat down to watch a movie.

As Donald Sutherland and Sean Connery plotted to rob a train on her small screen, Jamise worked to wrestle her own haul from her scratch-offs. She scratched several instant tickets before getting to the $2 Big Money Spectacular game. When one of her winning numbers matched, the happy player revealed the spectacular $20,000 top prize.

“I had been wondering if anyone really ever wins, and then it happened to me,” she said.

Later, she took the scratch-off to a nearby Lottery retailer to confirm her big win. When the clerk returned the instant ticket with a knowing smile, the 60-year-old knew she could really celebrate!

The lucky lady, whose previously top win was $50, said she plans to use the prize to pay a few bills and maybe take a few trips. “I’d like to take my grandkids to Florida, and I’ve always wanted to visit the south Pacific,” she said.

The Big Money Spectacular scratch-off debuted in February 2017 and still features two unclaimed $20,000 top prizes and three $5,000 prizes. The lucky retailer is also celebrating. The Triple A Tobacco store located at 7954 Bel Air Road in Baltimore County earned a $200 retailer bonus for selling a winning top-prize scratch-off.