Prescription Errand Leads to $50,000 Maryland Lottery Win

Baltimore woman claims top prize on Biggest Taxes Paid Ever scratch-off

Biggest Taxes Paid EverA novice Maryland Lottery player picked up the perfect prescription for happiness at a Baltimore County Giant pharmacy. She added four Biggest Taxes Paid Ever scratch-offs to her prescription purchase and wound up claiming the top prize of $50,000 and a second prize of $20 on two winning tickets!

The 58-year-old woman ran her prescription errand around 6 p.m. at the Giant at 8665 Philadelphia Road in Baltimore. She only buys scratch-offs on a hunch, basing her selection on a ticket’s design and payout. The red, white and blue Biggest Taxes Paid Ever scratch-off caught her eye with its patriotic colors, stars and images of money.

So, what was her reaction to seeing a $50,000 winning ticket in her hand? In a word, stunned. “I lost my mind in the car,” the lucky winner said. Her disbelief was so great the grandmother of eight returned to the grocery store to confirm her win before going home. “My husband’s eyes got as big as buttons when I told him the news,” she said.

A state retiree with 30 years of service, the lucky woman works for the Maryland Insurance Administration. The mother of three plans to spend her prize paying off bills and enjoying a dream vacation in Hawaii with her husband of 12 years.