Price is Right for Hungry Couple

Billy Redman - The Price Is Right

The Redman’s celebrate their $50,000 The Price is Right scratch-off win!

Dinner for Two Plus One Scratch-Off Equals $50,000 Win

Billy Redman decided to indulge his inner game show contestant last Friday when he picked up four The Price is Right scratch-off tickets along with his to-go dinner order. When his order was ready, the electrician decided on a whim to buy one more scratch-off. Imagine his surprise when he saw the $50,000 top prize on his last ticket.

His wife Toni, a supervisor for transportation at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, recalled the phone conversation she had with Billy. She told him that she didn’t feel like fixing dinner and asked if he could stop at the deli on his way home from work.

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After ordering their sandwiches, Billy decided to play some scratch-off tickets while waiting for his food. As soon as he saw the winning numbers on his ticket, he went out to his truck and put on his glasses. “I thought this couldn’t be right,’’ Billy shared. “I went back in to the store and had the clerk run it through the machine.”

He then called Toni, whispering in the phone, “I won! Can you believe this?” She made him swear he wasn’t pulling her leg. Billy was so rattled that Toni even called him back to make sure he had the sandwiches with him, along with the winning ticket.

The couple, who has five children and three grandchildren, waited a week to claim their ticket at Lottery headquarters because neither wanted to miss time from work. Avid remodelers, they plan to use their winnings to renovate their house. “This goes into our kitchen and our bathroom projects,” Billy said. “We’ll also dig into those projects and pay off the credit cards.”

The winning ticket was purchased at Plus Mart, located at 1202 E. Patrick St. in Frederick.