Prince Georges County Couple’s Quiet Date Night is One to Remember

Wins $50,000 Top Prize on Million Money Match Scratch-off

Million Money MatchJacqueline Manson, an accountant from Largo, still thinks about the series of events which led her to picking the Million Money Match scratch-off. While on a date with her husband, Manson chose a scratch-off from a Lottery vending machine. After they returned home, the couple realized the ticket that had been sitting in her pocket was worth $50,000.

The couple originally planned to meet several friends last Friday for dinner, but changed their minds at the last minute. “I didn’t feel like going somewhere noisy, so I asked Jacqueline if we could have a quiet date night instead,” said Manson’s husband. The restaurant they chose instead had a Lottery machine in the foyer. Laughing Manson said, “As we were leaving my husband asked if we could buy a $20 scratch-off. I rolled my eyes a bit, but relented.”

Originally the couple almost purchased a different scratch-off, but at the last minute they decided to pick Million Money Match from the vending machine. “We were going to try a newer game,” Manson told Lottery officials. “At the last minute I hit the button for our ticket, which I’m so glad I did!” Later when Manson’s husband checked their ticket, he had to ask his wife if he read the ticket correctly. “The oddest part was how calmly he asked me to check the ticket,” she said. “He is not a calm guy when it comes to something this exciting.”

The couple plans to pay off bills, help their mothers and save the rest for a rainy day. “The first thing I did was create a spreadsheet called Blessings 2012,” she said smiling at her husband. “My inner accountant went to work after we realized how much we had won.” The winning ticket was purchased at the Texas Ribs & BBQ at 7701 Old Branch Ave. in Clinton.