Prince George’s County Engineer Tracks Down Big Scratch-off Win

$2,000,000 Mega Bucks game delivers $50,000 prize

He’s bought a scratch-off practically every day since he arrived in the state, a Beltsville man told Maryland Lottery officials. While he’s won often enough to keep his hobby fun, the 68-year-old engineer wasn’t prepared for the exciting prize awaiting him on a $2,000,000 Mega Bucks scratch-off. His $50,000 win, he reports, was the biggest surprise of his life!

Arriving here more than 30 years ago from South America, the husband, father and grandfather started his Lottery hobby immediately. “I bought a ticket on the drive from the airport to my first apartment,” he said, and played that game “before I’d even unpacked!”

A recent Friday found the Prince George’s County man at Calverton Exxon, which is located at 4040 Powder Mill Road in Beltsville. He passes the Lottery retailer on his way to work.

“I play all of your games, but I really like the $20 and $30 scratch tickets,” he said. He is attracted by “the big prizes they have.” Little did he know that one of those big prizes was coming his way. “I was shocked. When I could eventually speak, I called over the owner to look at it. He was shocked, too.”

Known in his family as a practical joker, our winner said it took time to convince even his wife that he won $50,000. They’ll believe him when he invites his sons, daughters and grandkids to join the couple on a trip to Disney World.

The $2,000,000 Mega Bucks game has been on Lottery retailers’ store shelves since February and has so far awarded one of its five $2 million top prizes. The $30 game still has six more $50,000 second-tier prizes available.