Prince George’s County Keno Player Hits Big Again

Berwyn Heights resident wins $10,000 after winning $25,000 one year ago

Keno has been very lucky for a 66-year-old Berwyn Heights nurse. But this avid player was still surprised when she stopped at Long Branch Beer & Wine in Silver Spring and won $10,000 playing her favorite game.

“The store I normally go to was closed so I went to Long Branch instead,” said the happy winner. “I put in my regular numbers and played a few games of Keno while I waited.”

The winner said she keeps old sets of Quick Pick numbers and occasionally plays them again. Within the first 30 minutes, it was one of those old sets of numbers that delivered the big $10,000 win on a 6-spot ticket with the Super Bonus.

The lucky player and the cashier quickly checked the ticket to make sure it was a winner and indeed, it was.

“They wanted to pay me right there,” she said. “But the amount was a little too high.”

After playing a few a more games of Keno and winning some smaller amounts, the fortunate player called her son to share the news and then headed home. He accompanied her to claim the $10,000 prize a couple of days later.

The winner said she plans to use her prize money to pay for home improvements and to help her immediate family. She has three adult children. This is not the first big Keno win for this Lottery player. She won $25,000 playing the popular game just one year ago.

Long Branch Beer & Wine, located at 649 University Boulevard East in Silver Spring, is a winner as well. For selling a winning Keno ticket worth at least $10,000, the retailer will receive a $100 bonus from the Maryland Lottery, equal to 1 percent of the prize value.