Prince George’s County Man Claims $1 Million Powerball Prize

Waited until Friday the 13th to check his ticket

A loyal Maryland Powerball player simply couldn’t believe his eyes on Friday the 13th when he checked his ticket from the Dec. 7 drawing. He was shaken when he saw that five numbers matched, which meant he is a millionaire.

“I was very nervous,” the Temple Hills resident said. “I was in a state of serious disbelief.”

The Washington, D.C. transportation worker immediately called his wife, who is a writer for the federal government.

“He asked if I was sitting down,” said the 52-year-old mother. He delivered the news, only to find that she, too, doubted the win. “She just was not that excited,” said her husband, smiling, as he reached over to hold her hand. Because his wife is not a Maryland Lottery player, she didn’t understand how he could tell from the quick-pick numbers on the $10 ticket that he had won so much money. The 50-year-old assured his wife that the ticket was a second-tier winner and suggested they claim their prize immediately.

“He left work to come to get me and here we are,” she said, smiling, as the Prince George’s County couple sat in the Winner’s Lounge at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

They plan to enjoy their winnings by buying new vehicles, taking a vacation and investing for the future. They also will keep the win a secret from everyone except her mother, who already knows about their Lottery luck, and possibly their adult children. Our Powerball player found his luck at the Harwood Convenience Shop at 6641 Washington Blvd. in Elkridge. The store receives $2,500 for selling the winning ticket.

The Lottery continues to look for a $1 million Powerball winner from the Dec. 11 drawing. Winners have 182 days to claim their prize at Lottery headquarters at 1800 Washington Blvd. That winning ticket was sold at the W Express at 6400 New Hampshire Ave. in Takoma Park.