Prince George’s County Man Takes Home $50,000 Powerball Prize

Jackpot chaser missed the big money by one number

“I wait until the jackpot gets to around $100 million, then I start playing,” said an Accokeek resident who won a $50,000 third-tier Powerball prize. The jackpot chaser was just one number away from winning $625 million in the March 23 drawing.

The Prince George’s County man’s quest began weeks ago when the Powerball jackpot, which started to roll in December, really picked up speed. Whenever he’s out shopping or running errands, the loyal player will stop at a Lottery retailer to pick up a few tickets. That’s what he did on Saturday, March 23. The lucky player purchased a $2 quick-pick ticket at New Carrollton Liquors located at 8433 Annapolis Road in Hyattsville and headed home.

Once there, the construction company owner placed his ticket in a Powerball jar with other tickets he had previously purchased. The 52-year-old didn’t watch the drawing that night but, the next day,  took that ticket and others to a retailer to scan them on a store ticket checker.

“It took a while when I scanned it, I thought it was going to be $4,” he said. “When it said $50,000, I couldn’t believe it!” His disbelief wasn’t because he won $50,000, but because he missed winning over $600 million by just one number.

The single father of five grown children immediately called his brother to share the news. He then went home and put the ticket back in the Powerball jar to keep it safe. The happy dad had to wait until a slow workday to claim the prize.

The big winner told Lottery officials that he doesn’t have any huge plans for his prize other than paying off a few bills. He shared that he already treated himself to a few nice clothing items!

The chase for that big jackpot will likely slow down for the winner. The Powerball jackpot eventually grew to $768.4 million before it was hit in Wisconsin on Wednesday, March 27. However, Maryland had lots of winners, too. This lucky player was among 24 Marylanders who won $50,000 during the Powerball jackpot’s roll.

The jackpot is set at $54 million for the drawing on Wednesday, April 3. The new cash option is $33.9 million.