Prince George’s County Player Picks Up $50,000 on The Price Is Right® Ticket

New house in cards for winner from Brentwood

His payday purchase of some celebratory Maryland Lottery scratch-offs led to an even bigger payday and cause for more celebration on the part of a player from Brentwood.

After cashing his paycheck, the 32-year-old bought a few instant tickets at AJ Liquors, 3801 Bladensburg Road, in Brentwood. None of them gave him a win so the Prince George’s County man decided to play again. This time, he selected one of the $10 The Price Is Right®  games, even though he has no particular affinity for the TV show. He just liked the look of the instant ticket, so he bought it and took it home to play later.

When he scratched off the game’s latex coating, the lucky player discovered he had made a solid choice. The scratch-off revealed a $50,000 second-tier prize. He commented to family members that he was glad he didn’t leave that instant ticket in the store for someone else.

With his winnings, the happy player plans to put a down payment on a house – and probably do some celebrating.

The Price is Right® scratch-off game launched on April 22, 2019. There are still seven of 12 $100,000 top prizes remaining and eight more $50,000 prizes waiting to be found at Lottery retailers across the state.