Prince George’s County Restaurant Owner Rings in a Top Prize!

Claims $50,000 Silver Bell Bucks Top Prize

Saie Li - Silver Bell BucksChristmas arrived in April for a smiling Saie Li, who won $50,000 on the Silver Bell Bucks holiday scratch-off. Saie arrived at Lottery headquarters on Thursday morning accompanied by her son and daughter to claim her prize.  Interpreting for their mom, who speaks little English, Saie’s children expressed her tremendous excitement. Originally from China, the petite 50-year-old has been a resident of the United States for 12 years.

After purchasing her ticket, Saie scratched it while in the Lottery retailer. The clerk informed her that she’d won the top prize, but Saie still was unaware that she was $50,000 richer until she returned home. The win was confirmed by her daughter.  She ran around the house shouting, “I won. I won.”

“There was no particular reason I choose this ticket, I just liked the way it looked,” said the Mount Rainier resident.

When Saie Li is not working at the family’s restaurant, she enjoys long walks, listening to music and watching TV.  Saie plans to put the money in the bank for now and will decide later what to do with her winnings.

The winning ticket was sold at the Eastern Ave. BP, located at 4501 Eastern Ave. in Mount Rainier.