Prince George’s County Woman Hits the Jackpot

Wins $50,000 on Jackpot Riches Scratch-off

Mishawn Wright - Jackpot RitchesForty-year-old Mishawn entered the Maryland Lottery Claim Center with a huge smile on her face. She was accompanied by her husband and her daughter, who also found it difficult to contain their joy. The reason for their delight was a $50,000 win on the Jackpot Riches scratch-off.

Mishawn bought the winning ticket, and two others, yesterday on her way home from work and waited until she got home to play them. After seeing that one of her numbers matched the winning number, she thought she had a $50 winner.  “I only revealed the 5 and 0, but as I kept scratching, more zeros appeared,” she said. “I put a run in my stockings, running up the steps and sliding across the hardwood floor to tell my mother and my daughter.”

She then called her husband, Bruce, who was at work at the time. “I kept telling her to stop playing around,” he said. “She had to put her mother on the phone, to tell me it was true.” Today is Bruce’s birthday and the win makes this day extra special. “What a birthday present,” he said.

Mishawn, a Federal Government employee, said she goes to the Lottery’s website often to read all of the press releases. “I would think to myself, ‘that’s going to be me one day,’” she said, smiling.

Luck must run in Mishawn’s family. Her mother recently won $20,000 playing Pick 4.  The happy winner and her husband said they are looking forward to visiting the Lottery again when they hit the big jackpot.  But, in the meantime, they are going to use their current winnings to pay bills, take a trip and save the rest. The winning ticket was purchased at My Hicks located at 11201 Crain Hwy. in Cheltenham.