Prince George’s County Woman Multiplies Win 10x

Takes home $50,000 Money Multiplier scratch-off win

Money MultiplierA Riverdale couple came into Lottery headquarters on Wednesday to claim a $50,000 Money Multiplier second-tier prize. It was difficult to tell if they were more excited about their prize or the fact that the Redskins were in the playoffs. For them it has certainly been a good start to the New Year.

In honor of 2013, the woman bought three tickets hoping to win a little money. When she got home and checked her ticket, the lucky winner saw that she had won $5,000 on one of the tickets. Concerned that she misread her ticket, she showed her husband. “I told her that she needed to keep scratching the ticket,” her husband said laughing. “She stopped after she saw the $5,000, but I knew that it was possible that we could’ve won more.”

Skeptical that there would be more money left, the woman continued to scratch, only stopping when she saw that her prize had been multiplied by 10 thanks to the “money multiplier” on the ticket.

The couple said that while they would love to go to the Redskins’ playoff game, they probably wouldn’t be able to find tickets. In the meantime, they’ll save their money and let the good feeling sink in. The couple purchased their ticket at Bills Liquors at 1688 Annapolis Road in Odenton.