Prince George’s County Woman Parlays Scratch-offs into $10,000 Win

Denise Jones - 10x Cash

Denise Jones’ decision to reinvest winnings leads to $10,000 payday

Claims top Maryland Lottery prize on 10x Cash scratch-off

Denise Jones of Laurel was on her way to work when she stopped at a convenience store to buy gas and cash in some winning Maryland Lottery scratch-off tickets. She decided to reinvest $10 on a 10x Cash scratch-off. Mere moments later, the Prince George’s County resident was seeing a lot of zeros.

Denise remembers sitting in her car and just staring down at the 10x Cash ticket. Every single number on her ticket was a $1,000 winner for a grand total prize of $10,000!

“When she came home, she started yelling that I wouldn’t believe what had happened,” said her teenage daughter. She accompanied her mom to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim the prize.

Now that Denise has enjoyed a big win, she’s convinced she’ll return to Lottery headquarters soon. “We’ll be back on Monday for that Mega Millions jackpot,” she said with a smile and a laugh.

For now, Denise plans to invest her $10,000 windfall. She purchased her ticket at the Quick Save Mart & Citgo located at 3396 Fort Meade Road in Laurel. There are 76 remaining $10,000 top prizes on the 10x Cash ticket, which arrived at Maryland Lottery retailers in November.