Prince George’s County Woman Wins $50K Twice

Second Big Win Since February

Big Money Mega PlayA common phrase heard over and over again is, “Lightning never strikes the same place twice.”  That is no longer true according to a Capitol Heights woman when it comes to winning Lottery prizes.  Last week, she won $50,000 playing the Big Money Mega Play scratch-off.  Just this past February, she also won $50,000, that time with the Players Club scratch-off.  Even more amazing is that both winning tickets were purchased at the same location, Triangle Market in Capitol Heights.  “I cried the first time I won,” said the winner.   “The second time…I just laughed.  I couldn’t believe it.”

The 42-year-old winner, who goes to the same store every day, was accompanied to Lottery Headquarters by her mother.  The lucky woman just moved from New York to Maryland this past July, and has found playing the Maryland Lottery to be both fun and rewarding.

Her winnings will help to supplement her income from her job at a non-profit organization.  In addition, the mother-of-two plans to use her latest windfall to shop and hopefully buy a car.  “I hope to see you in a couple of weeks,” joked the winner referring to another potential big win.  The winning Big Money Mega Play ticket was purchased at Triangle Market on 1409 Ritchie Marlboro Rd. in Capitol Heights.