Prince George’s ‘Ice Princess’ Gallops to Second $62,448 Racetrax Win

$62K Racetrax Winner_Ice Princess

The “Ice Princess” of Prince George’s County scored her second $62,448 Racetrax win of 2016.

Claimed same prize playing same numbers earlier this year

Talk about your Lottery déjà vu! The “Ice Princess” of Prince George’s County just won the same amount – $62,448 – playing the same Racetrax horses – 11, 7, 5 and 6 – on a Superfecta bet placed at the same Lottery retailer where she won earlier this year.

“That’s my lucky store,” the happy winner said of Meyers Liquors in Suitland. The Hillcrest Heights resident found her Lottery luck by deciding to play the same set of special numbers regularly in 2016. “Whenever I go into the store I play these numbers and I play for 20 races,” she said. “This time, my win came out on the very first race.”

The 59-year-old just couldn’t believe her luck when the horses finished in her favor. She ran to the clerk who had sold her the $62,448 winning Racetrax ticket back in January, too, to share her good news.

“We high-fived,” she said. “I was amazed. I was like, ‘Oh my God, It couldn’t happen again.’”

The loyal Racetrax player watched her horses run their winning race on Sunday and turned up at Lottery headquarters Monday with a friend to claim her prize. Her first $62,448 win came on Jan. 16. She has worked more than three decades for the federal government as a program manager but isn’t ready to retire yet, she said, even after her two big Racetrax wins.

Her love of numbers led her to Sudoku and then to Racetrax. The “Ice Princess,” which is her nickname, is a strong believer in playing responsibly.

“The numbers hit you, you don’t hit them,” she said, noting that luck played a big role in both of her Racetrax wins and in a $17,000 Pick 4 prize won several years ago. “Playing the Maryland Lottery is a hobby to me. You can’t go crazy. You’ve got to have a limit.”

She put her first $62,448 prize into the bank and will do the same with this prize. “You need the money for hard times,” she said.

The lucky lady’s win gives her favorite retailer another bonus from the Lottery for selling a winning Racetrax ticket worth at least $10,000. The store, located at 3601 Old Silver Hill Road in Suitland, will receive a bonus of $624.48 – equal to 1 percent of the prize value.