Prince George’s Police Employee Wins $50,000 Prize on Fourth of July

Favorite scratch-off, $1,000,000 Platinum Play, doesn’t disappoint

The Fourth of July is a big deal in his family, a College Park man told Lottery officials on Thursday – always fun, always special, always memorable.  The 2017 celebration of the nation’s birthday was no exception.  A $50,000 scratch-off win tends to be a difficult occurrence to forget.

The Prince George’s County man told us that he plays Lottery games frequently, with scratch-off tickets a clear favorite.  $1,000,000 Platinum Play, the game he picked out at 7-Eleven while running errands before work on the Fourth, is his current go-to ticket.

“I’ve been winning a lot with it,” he said.  “I look for it whenever I’m in the mood to play.”

Scratching his ticket later at home after his shift, the county police employee found himself staring in shock at what appeared to be a $50,000 win.

“I wasn’t surprised to have matched a number, but when I saw all those zeroes, I was stunned,” the 26-year-old said.  “When I told my wife, she started running around the kitchen, trying to decide who we should call first to share the news.”

The College Park couple has been in the early stages of searching for a house, a purchase the $50,000 prize will help along.

As for his future Lottery plans, Thursday’s big winner told officials, “I just love this $1,000,000 Platinum Play game.  There are still two more $50,000 prizes out there so I’ll keep on playing.”

In addition to those two second-tier prizes, two $1 million top prizes are yet to be claimed.  The lucky 7-Eleven store that produced this most recent win is located at 10550 Baltimore Avenue in Beltsville.