Promise to Co-Worker Wins Silver Spring Woman $50,000

Mary Jackson - Hit the Jackpot

Mary Jackson of Silver Spring won $50,000 with a Maryland Lottery
Hit the Jackpot scratch-off.

Takes home Hit the Jackpot second-tier scratch-off prize

While on a break from work, Mary Jackson’s co-worker Charlene had scratched several Hit the Jackpot scratch-offs to no avail. That’s when Mary, an avid Lottery player, handed Charlene $20 and asked her to buy a ticket for her.

“I told her to scratch my ticket and, if it was a winner, I’d give her the money back that she spent on the other tickets,” Mary told Lottery officials. Charlene scratched the $20 ticket and immediately revealed a $100 prize. Filled with excitement, she continued to scratch the ticket. The next thing she noticed was a “pot of gold” symbol, which means that the player wins all prizes on the ticket. After a lot of adding, the two realized that the ticket was worth $50,000!

“She was excited, but stayed calm during the rest of her shift at work,” said Charlene.

When asked if she was going to keep her promise to Charlene, Mary responded, “Of course!” The 59-year-old winner also plans to give some of her prize to her two children.

“I already told one of my daughters, but not the other,” the Montgomery County woman said. As for that daughter, she said, “I’m simply going to transfer money into her account without her knowing!”

The happy Lottery player bought her winning ticket at the Giant at 1280 East West Hwy in Silver Spring. The game has two $1 million prize-winning tickets and four $50,000 prize-winning tickets still out in the stores awaiting discovery.