Make spirits bright!

Let the festive fun begin with new Holiday Scratch-Offs from the Maryland Lottery! You could win up to $100,000 instantly, or up to $25,000 in weekly second-chance drawings.

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Make spirits bright for all with five new Holiday Scratch-Offs, from $1 to $10.

Get extra chances to win holiday cash!

Celebrate all season with 12 weeks of second-chance drawings. There will be five drawings for $2,500 each week for 12 weeks. During the final week, there will be an additional five drawings for $25,000. Enter early for more chances to win.

$1 ticket = 1 entry, $2 ticket = 2 entries, $3 ticket = 3 entries, $5 ticket = 5 entries, $10 ticket = 10 entries

Join My Lottery Rewards

My Lottery Rewards is your ticket to winning great second-chance prizes in the Holiday Cash Second-Chance Promotion. Just create your Rewards account (if you haven’t already) and enter or scan the ticket codes from non-winning 2022 Holiday Scratch-Offs. Be sure to download the free My Lottery Rewards App and use it to check tickets to see if you’re a winner or to enter your tickets for a chance to win great second-chance prizes and rewards.

Entry deadline dates

Entries will be cumulative and will be carried over after each drawing. Entries must be submitted by midnight the night before the drawing to be eligible for that drawing.

Second-chance promotion drawings also include The Game of Life™ Scratch-Off entries.

Week 1

Entry Deadline: 10/24/22

PRIZE: $2,500 Cash x (5)

Week 2

Entry Deadline: 10/31/22

Prize: $2,500 Cash x (5)

Week 3

Entry Deadline: 11/8/22

Prize: $2,500 Cash x (5)

Week 4

Entry Deadline: 11/15/22

Prize: $2,500 Cash x (5)

Week 5

Entry Deadline: 11/21/22

Prize: $2,500 Cash x (5)

Week 6

Entry Deadline: 11/28/22

Prize: $2,500 Cash x (5)

Week 7

Entry Deadline: 12/6/22

Prize: $2,500 Cash x (5)

Week 8

Entry Deadline: 12/12/22

Prize: $2,500 Cash x (5)

Week 9

Entry Deadline: 12/18/22

Prize: $2,500 Cash x (5)

Week 10

Entry Deadline: 12/27/22

Prize: $2,500 Cash x (5)

Week 11

Entry Deadline: 1/2/23

Prize: $2,500 Cash x (5)

Week 12

Entry Deadline: 1/10/23

Prize: $2,500 Cash x (5) $25,000 Cash x (5)

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