“Purple Magic” Reigns Supreme for $250,000 Waldorf Scratch-off Winner

“Purple Magic” of Waldorf reinforced her love of the color purple by winning the top prize on the purple $250,000 Jackpot game.

Finds first $250,000 top prize on the $250,000 Jackpot game

Dressed in purple, which is her favorite color, a Waldorf woman entered Maryland Lottery headquarters today to claim a substantial prize on a new scratch-off that was – you guessed it – purple! The 54-year-old just won the first $250,000 top prize on the $250,000 Jackpot scratch-off that went on sale Feb. 27.

The avid scratch-off player was waiting to pick up a carryout order when she made the lucky decision to go next door to Angelos Liquors in Waldorf to purchase Lottery games and scratch-offs.

“I bought five $2 tickets and one of the $250,000 Jackpot game,” said the winner, smiling. “I chose that game because it’s purple and it just came out.”

The federal government employee then picked up her dinner and went home to enjoy it. She relaxed a bit before playing her scratch-offs and started with the $2 games, which yielded small winnings. Next, she scratched off the $10 $250,000 Jackpot ticket. She revealed the numbers first and then each prize. The very last number, an eight, matched the game’s winning numbers.

“When I saw the $250,000 prize, I thought, ‘This can’t be real,’ ” said “Purple Magic.” “I had my daughter double-check it and she said, ‘Ma, I think you really won.’ ” The two returned to the liquor store to check the instant ticket and then took it to her brother’s house so he could see the lucky scratch-off. The happy winner called her mom to share her great news and went home to wake up her husband.

“I was wondering what all the commotion was about,” he said. “I thought my fence was blown over from all the wind.” However, the only thing blown was his wife’s mind after winning the first $250,000 top prize in the game.

Still in shock, the family made one more trip to Angelos Liquors and had the cashier scan the ticket again. Realization of the win started to sink in. By this time, the anonymous winner was going by the alias “Purple Magic.” At home, she was such a nervous wreck she could not sleep.

“I kept moving the ticket from inside my clothes to my purse to a chest, back inside my clothes, to finally resting it inside my pillow case,” said “Purple Magic,” laughing. “I finally dozed off around 3:30, but was right back up by 4:45.”

At that point, she gave up all hopes of sleeping and got ready to claim her $250,000 prize. Her husband, mother and cousin accompanied her to Lottery headquarters.

The mother of two adult children plans to use some of the winnings toward her son’s honeymoon. She will use the rest to pay bills, do house repairs and maybe buy a new car.

Her lucky – and patient – retailer is also a winner. For selling a top-prize scratch-off in the game, Angelos Liquors located at 187 St. Patricks Drive in Waldorf will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.