Queen Anne’s County Couple Win $1 Million Playing Lottery Scratch-off

Second Big Winners in the County in One Week

Lucky 7s Game BookQueen Anne’s County is certainly a lucky place to live! The Maryland Lottery’s newest millionaire couple hail from this county, where a neighbor made Lottery headlines only days earlier. The millionaires arrived at Lottery headquarters Friday to claim the prize they won on a Lucky 7s Game Book scratch-off; their neighbor took home a $725,000 Multi-Match jackpot prize earlier in the week.

Mr. Millionaire is a federal employee and avid lottery player. He and his wife enjoy playing instant tickets so much that they’ve incorporated them into a board game they often play in their free time. On Monday, March 3, when snow kept them home from work, the couple brought out the board game along with scratch-offs set aside for the next round of play. The collection of instant tickets included several Lucky 7s Game Books.

“When it came time to scratch my ticket,” said Mrs. Millionaire, “I looked at it closely, wondering if what I was seeing could be real.” They sat in silence for several minutes, staring at the $1 million winning ticket in disbelief. They remained unconvinced of their win until they called Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to verify the win. “Between excitement and anxiety, sleeping that night was almost impossible,” she said.

The happy winners plan to pay their debts, contribute to several favorite charities and share their good fortune with their grown son and his family. A cruise is also in the works.

“What this really is to us is a gift – a gift of peace of mind,” said Mr. Millionaire, 63. Good fortune found them at the Broadneck Exxon at 317 Busch’s Frontage Road in Annapolis.

Lucky 7s Game Book is a unique collection of six scratch games in one booklet, launched in August of 2012. Two $1 million prizes remain in stores.