Quest to Fill Aquarium Nets Rising Sun Man $50,000 Jackpot [VIDEO]


A Cecil County man has a new twist on the old fish story. On Tuesday, Freddie Widener, Jr. set out to get some fish to fill a tank in his living room. When the 24 year-old handyman returned home, he had no fish, but had landed a whopper of a win.  While he was out, he reeled in a $50,000 tax-free top prize on a Maryland Lottery scratch-off ticket.

Freddie reached the aquarium store and discovered that they were closed. Rather than return empty handed, he decided to purchase a scratch-off, settling on the Tax Free $50,000 ticket featuring a taxes-paid top prize. While walking home, he scratched the ticket and, as he revealed the big prize, his pulse quickened. “I felt like my heart was jumping out of my shirt,” said Freddie. “I ran the rest of the way home, busted through the door and handed my fiancée the scratch-off. When she saw the ticket she started crying her eyes out. We were both very emotional.”

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“I want to make this money work for me,” he said. “This is amazing and unbelievable. It’s a very, very big deal for us.”  He says the first plan for the winnings will be for a reliable vehicle. “We’re going to focus on the things that we really need,” he explained.

The winning ticket was purchased at Squires Gas Mart, located on West Main Street in Rising Sun.

Freddie Widener - Tax Free $50,000

Rising Sun resident Freddie Widener, Jr. turns his trip to the
fish store into a $50,000 taxes-paid win!