Quick Pick Numbers Break From Routine Delivers Big Bonus Match 5 Win

Baltimore man claims $50,000 top prize in July 2 drawing

A Baltimore man who is a regular Bonus Match 5 player said he has a few routines when it comes to playing his favorite Lottery game. He said he buys tickets three or four times a week, “but always on Sunday. I play on Sunday, no matter what.”

The other rock-solid part of his lottery routine?  He always picks his own numbers.  Well, almost always. And that break from his ritual helped deliver a $50,000 top prize in the July 2 drawing.

The 59-year-old husband, father and grandfather stopped by the 7-Eleven store at 3436 Wilkens Avenue in Baltimore on July 2 to get his Bonus Match 5 tickets.

“I had my numbers all ready, but it was crowded and the guy behind the counter was scurrying back and forth,” he said. “I decided to speed things up by asking for Quick Pick tickets, just to help him out and to make sure I got my Sunday tickets.”

The lucky winner, an employee at a spice and seasoning firm, didn’t find out until the next morning just how karma had rewarded his small act of mercy.

The Baltimore resident was thrilled when he checked the winning numbers the next morning during breakfast.

“I first thought that I’d matched four of the numbers for $400,” he said. But when he called over his wife to show her, he got the shock of his life.  “She pointed out that one number I thought was an 18 was really a 16.  I was pretty excited, but that was nothing compared to her when I told her Bonus Match 5’s top prize was $50,000.”

The couple plan to share their winnings with their two children and 10 grandkids.

“They’re all going to be mighty surprised.  I can’t wait,” the winner said.

The Wilkens Avenue 7-Eleven that sold the winning ticket has reason to celebrate as well, as the store will receive a $500 bonus from the Maryland Lottery.