Quick-Pick Ticket Delivers $50,000 Powerball Win

Baltimore woman claims prize from Nov. 18 drawing

Her $50,000 Powerball win feels surreal to the lucky Baltimore woman whose quick-pick ticket delivered her biggest win ever. She was the only Marylander and one of eight total players who matched four numbers plus the Powerball in the Nov. 18 drawing to win $50,000.

The 64-year-old plays Lottery games a few times a month, particularly Powerball, Mega Millions and Multi-Match. Her lucky journey to a big win began on Nov. 12, when she visited Royal Farms #98 located at 8200 Veterans Highway in Millersville. She purchased one Powerball ticket, letting the terminal pick the numbers, with no great expectations.

The retired government employee checked the winning numbers on mdlottery.com a week later and happily saw she’d won. However, she thought her prize was only $5,000 until she arrived at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim her prize.

“This is a Godsend, we believe that it’s our time,” the lucky winner said, speaking of herself and her husband of 41 years. She has won before, but only small amounts.

The lucky couple will stay quiet about their good fortune. They don’t have any major plans for spending the prize other than buying new garage doors for their home and starting their holiday shopping.

Because no one won the jackpot in the drawing, it rolls to $80 million for the Saturday, Nov. 21 drawing.