Quite a Catch! Former Seafood Wholesaler Nets a $50,000 Scratch-off Prize

Retired seafood industry employee Michael Tuneff reeled in a $50,000 top prize on a Gold Rush X20 scratch-off.

Goldsboro man wins big with $5 Gold Rush X20 game

A Caroline County resident and former seafood wholesaler is bringing the “gold” back to Goldsboro by way of a Maryland Lottery scratch-off. The 64-year-old recently scratched-off a $50,000 top-prize winning Gold Rush X20 scratch-off.

Retiree Michael Tuneff, who currently works part time as a retail clerk, told Lottery officials he spent 15 years in the seafood industry purchasing, selling and distributing the best seafood Maryland has to offer. One of the most challenging tasks of his former profession was making sure the crabs brought by watermen were the correct size.

Michael’s keen eye for selection may have aided his purchase of a lucky $5 Gold Rush X20 instant ticket at Winchester Liquors in Grasonville. Shortly after he began scratching the game off at the store, he saw a lucky symbol appear.

“I saw a money bundle and kept scratching, then under it what looked like $50, but I kept scratching and more and more zeroes kept appearing,” said the winner. When he reached the end of the prize amount, a spectacular $50,000 prize was there before him. Word of his win has spread rapidly and created quite a buzz for the lucky player.

“The word’s out that I hit,” Michael said. “I’ve been proposed to five times already.”

He plans to use his prize to purchase a boat and get back out on the water. He also plans to use a portion of his Gold Rush X20 winnings to invest in precious metals. “I’d love to get some gold, but I’ve got a budget for silver,” Michael said, joking.

Winchester Liquors also is in the money. For selling the top-prize winning scratch-off, the Queen Anne’s County retailer located at 304 Evans Avenue in Grasonville will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.

This scratch-off launched in May with a family of Gold Rush instant tickets. The Gold Rush X20 game still has thousands of unclaimed prizes including three more $50,000 top prizes and three $5,000 prizes.