Racetrax Fan Finds Winning Race Too Close to Watch

Montgomery County insurance agent claims $18,081 prize    

As the virtual horses thundered down the stretch this past Tuesday, a 37-year-old Racetrax fan found that he just could not watch.

The four horses he’d picked as part of a $12 Superfecta Box wager were leading the pack but the others were just a hair behind. All it would take for a big win to disappear was for one of those trailing horses to find another gear and surge into the final four.  As luck would have it, his horses came across the finish line in perfect order.

“I play at least one game of Racetrax just about every day during lunch or on my way home from work,” the Montgomery Village resident told Maryland Lottery officials. “I always cheer on my horses when they’re close to the lead, always.”

The size of the cash prize that those four horses carried made this race — one that would put more than $18,000 in his pocket — too stressful to watch. “I’ve seen horses shoot ahead at the last moment before,” he said. “There was no yelling this time. I just closed my eyes.”

When he finally decided to peek, our lucky Montgomery County insurance agent saw that the 5, 7, 11 and 12 horses had stayed in front, delivering a prize of $18,081.70. “I had a feeling about them, about these numbers. I couldn’t believe that my hunch was right. Still can’t.”

After celebrating with the owner of Shady Grove Beer & Wine in Gaithersburg, our Racetrax winner headed home, thinking happily about which bills he will pay off. His lucky retailer shares in the big win by earning a bonus of $180.81 for selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more. The winning store is located at 15904 Shady Grove Road.