Racetrax Fan Switches Games, Wins Big on Keno

$12K Keno Poke_webRacetrax fan Theresa Poke found a $12,000 prize when she switched to a game of Keno. 

Baltimore player takes home $12,000 prize

Theresa Poke of Baltimore is well known for her passion for playing the Maryland Lottery’s Racetrax game but it took a switch to Keno for her to win $12,000!

The 45-year-old found her Lottery luck playing a set of Keno numbers she’d seen pop up on monitors in the past. She was visiting the Food Stop Mini Mart in Baltimore to play Racetrax when her interest shifted to the Lottery’s other monitor game.

“I kept looking at the Keno monitor thinking maybe these numbers will come out,” she said. “I always remember seeing the four corner numbers, 1, 10, 71, 80 and then 73,” said the mobility driver. “Whenever I do play Keno, those are the numbers I play.”

Theresa had started with Racetrax, then played one round of Keno and stopped because she didn’t see any of her numbers appear. The loyal player went back to Racetrax but, after a few minutes, the Keno monitor caught her eye again. She wound up purchasing one $12 5-spot game with the Super Bonus option to boost any prize she won.

“When I saw that the game was a 10x Bonus and then saw a couple of my numbers, I thought ‘Nah, these numbers aren’t going to come,’ ” Theresa said. She once again turned her attention to Racetrax. When she finally looked back at Keno, she saw – to her delight – all five of her numbers on the screen.

“I just couldn’t believe my eyes,” said the lucky player.  The mother and grandmother plans to put her winnings in the bank and save the prize for the holidays.

Her retailer also benefits from her lucky experience. Food Stop Mini Mart located at 2415 Frederick Avenue in Baltimore will receive a $120 bonus from the Lottery for selling a winning Keno ticket of $10,000 and up.