Racetrax Horses Give Great-Grandma a Superfecta Surprise

Claims $32,607 Maryland Lottery prize for her two-race bet

She’s not quite sure how she did it, but a Prince George’s County great-grandmother of eight picked the right four Maryland Lottery Racetrax horses to gallop across the finish line for her in December. She won $32,607!

What was her strategy? How did she win? “By chance,” she answers with a smile. The lucky lady placed a Superfecta bet in two races that horses 5, 6, 9 and 7 would win in that exact order. Our loyal Lottery scratcher plays Racetrax with her adult son, or sometimes alone, at several retailers including the site of her win: Forestville Exxon at 7631 Marlboro Pike in District Heights.

Her $2 ticket for games played on Dec. 16 yielded a wonderful windfall she will use to help pay a college tuition bill, pay some of her other bills and treat herself to something special. Not only is she the great-grandmother of eight, the 60-something happy winner is also a grandmother of two dozen.

For selling the lucky ticket, the Forestville Exxon will receive a bonus of $326 from the Maryland Lottery.