Racetrax Novice Wins Big on Longshot Wager

The “Lucky Severn Man” found his way back to the Winner’s Circle after claiming a $12,753 Racetrax prize!

Severn man claims $12,753 prize on lucky Superfecta bet

The variety of Racetrax betting options can be overwhelming at first to players new to the Maryland Lottery’s virtual horseracing game. This week, a novice Racetrax player found his research into those options pay off when his second bet won a $12,753 prize!

The information technology worker’s lucky moment arrived when he tried to fill out a playslip for a small Racetrax bet. The 42-year-old accidentally put together a $40 Superfecta wager with the Bonus multiplier option for 20 races. Realizing his error, “Lucky Severn Man” instead placed a $6 bet and pocketed the completed Superfecta Bonus playslip. His horses didn’t cooperate that first afternoon, but the moments he spent exploring the game’s betting options paid off just a day later.

“Lucky Severn Man” rediscovered the rejected Superfecta playslip the next day when he stopped to visit a convenience store ATM. The Severn resident decided to give the $40 wager a try and placed the bet at 7-Eleven #34992 in Odenton.

To win, each of his horses needed to finish in exact order. The chances of that event occurring were just one in 6,383! To his surprise, “Lucky Severn Man” won on his seventh race. When the 9, 4, 3 and 2 horses crossed the finish line, the happy novice won $4,251. Because he selected the optional Bonus feature, the 3x Bonus multiplier in that race tripled his grand total to $12,753.

“Lucky Severn Man” didn’t discover his big win until the following day. When he scanned his ticket using the Maryland Lottery mobile app, he saw a strange message appear. The surprised player dashed off to his favorite local Lottery retailer for a second opinion. After examining the ticket, an employee produced a printout and soon the Anne Arundel County resident was headed to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim his prize.

“Lucky Severn Man” said this isn’t his first time in the Lottery Winner’s Circle, having previously won $50,000 on a $5 scratch-off several years ago. His plan for the winnings is the same as before: to save and invest the funds to earn a handsome reward.

The Lottery retailer can also celebrate. For selling a winning Racetrax ticket over $10,000, the 7-Eleven #34992 at 1101 Annapolis Road earns a $127.53 bonus from the Lottery. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.