Racetrax Player Dreams Up $32,655 Win

Superfecta bet delivers big prize for Owings Mills resident

An Owings Mills woman dreamed up the perfect ending to a couple of rounds of Racetrax — a $32,655 win!

The loyal player, who works as a registered nurse at a Baltimore’s hospital, heads to a Lottery retailer to place Trifecta and Superfecta bets in the computer-animated horse racing game when she has a dream with numbers featured prominently. This time, she dreamed she was at a train station asking directions for a street. She was told in her dream, “Go to 538.” The lucky mother and grandmother remembered the dream when she woke up.

“When I had a chance, I went down to the store and played 538,” she said. A Racetrax regular for six years, the 71-year-old placed a Trifecta bet with those three numbers and also a Superfecta bet, which required her to pick a fourth number – a 7. Just how did she pick that last digit?

“I added the 5 and 3, which is 8, plus 8 is 16, and 1 plus 6 equals 7,” she said.

After buying her tickets at Common Brook Liquors, she left the store and went home to sleep because she had to work the night shift. When she awoke, she checked her numbers on mdlottery.com and discovered that the horses galloped to a 5-3-8-7 finish on one of the races that she played, delivering a big Superfecta win and a 5-3-8 Trifecta prize worth $2,600. Did she go to work that night? “Oh yes,” she said.

Her dreams have brought her to the Maryland Lottery Winner’s Circle on two other recent occasions. She claimed Racetrax prizes of $41,715 in November 2017 and $125,244 in February. The happy player plans to pay bills with her prize, share money with family members and, this fall, take a big trip with some of her windfall.

Her lucky retailer also is a winner! For selling a winning Racetrax ticket worth $10,000 or more, Common Brook Liquors, located at 9419 Common Brook Road in Owings Mills, earns a Lottery bonus of $326 — equal to 1 percent of the prize.