Racetrax Player Gallops His Way to $92,202 Prize

Triples win with bonus option

A Baltimore man who has spent his life giving to others has received a gift of his own — to the tune of $92,202. Before playing his Racetrax tickets, the Lottery player had a hunch that the 10-11-12 horses would win soon. As he nervously watched the monitor, his hunch came true when the horses came through the finish line in that exact order.

“I play Racetrax a lot and I noticed that this combination hadn’t come out in a while,” said the self-employed man. “Not only did it come out, but it came out with a three times bonus!”

The 49-year-old chose the bonus option when purchasing his ticket. The bonus changed his win from just over $30,000 to $92,202.

“Everyone in the store knows that I play the 10, 11 and 12 horses sometimes,” he told Lottery officials. “When the game was over, they all immediately looked at me. Everybody was happy.”

The lucky man said that the win hasn’t totally sunk in yet. While he still hasn’t decided what to do with all of his winnings, he knows one thing for sure — some will go towards his children’s education. The winning ticket was purchased at 8 Days a Week, located at 1700 Taylor Ave. in Baltimore.

This game also produced two other winners who played the 10-11-12 combination. A $30,734 prize was claimed by a Glen Burnie woman and another $92,202 prize remains unclaimed.