Racetrax Player Seeing Double When Two Tickets Win $34,201 Each

Luis and Chriscilla Domally - Racetrax_webLuis and Chriscilla Domally of Oxon Hill are thrilled that their big Racetrax win came just in time for Christmas!

Oxon Hill man finds $68,402 prize with two Superfecta bets

Christmas came early for Luis Domally of Oxon Hill, who is an avid Racetrax player. Betting the same numbers twice – unknowingly – led to a winning Superfecta combination that put $68,402 into the happy man’s bank account.

How did the grandfather of 12 win $34,201 twice? Luis always has a slew of playslips at his disposal. On Saturday, the father of eight stopped by Eastover Liquors in Oxon Hill and handed the retailer 10 randomly selected playslips. The 62-year-old left the store with his tickets and went on with his busy day. When he returned to check his tickets on the ticket checker, Luis saw the welcome message that two of his tickets were too large to cash at the store. The 3, 9, 6 and 11 horses brought him a double win.

“I had no idea that I played the same numbers twice,” said the surgical specialist. “I asked the clerk to check the tickets and when he handed me the receipt to show each ticket was worth $34,201, I couldn’t believe it!”

Since he hit the Superfecta on both tickets, his total winnings came to $68,402. His wife of 21 years, Chriscilla, and a friend were by his side when he came to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim the prize.

With the holidays so close, Luis said the win is a welcome surprise.

“Life gets really busy. All I’ve been looking for is some breathing room, so that I can take a breath and relax a little,” said the lucky winner, who enjoys fishing and bowling. “I’ve been really worried about Christmas and now I don’t have to worry anymore.”

The grateful couple plan to spoil their family a bit throughout this holiday season.

For selling a winning Racetrax ticket over $10,000, the Prince George’s County retailer located at 4909 Indian Head Highway will receive a $684 bonus. Lottery luck has already visited this store in 2015. Eastover Liquors sold a $50,000 winning Cash Money Blowout scratch-off in July.