Racetrax Player Studies Results to Achieve Superfecta Success

Parkville woman wins $10,544 prize on $1 wager

A Baltimore County resident is celebrating a Racetrax result that sent her heart racing. The 69-year-old managed to win the Maryland Lottery’s virtual horseracing game last week with a Superfecta combination, turning her $1 wager a $10,544 prize.

The office manager from Parkville said she did a quick study of past race results and made an educated guess before placing a bet at Giant #197 in Nottingham on a four-horse Superfecta combination. The 8, 6, 2 and 7 horses circled the track and won their race, crossing the finish line in the correct order to turn her bet into the big prize.

The lucky player discovered the win hours later when she pulled up the past race results at mdlottery.com. She saw her 10-draw ticket’s winning Superfecta combination blinking back at her from her phone’s screen. After celebrating quietly, the winner texted the happy news to a few family members. The actual odds of her super Superfecta feat were remote, calculated at only 1 in 15,832.68.

The lucky lady said the proceeds of her prize would go toward paying off bills and making a few home improvements. She’s also hoping to gather family members for a celebratory dinner of steamed crabs and seafood.

The Baltimore County retailer that sold the fateful ticket is the Giant grocery store located at 7944 Honeygo Boulevard in Nottingham. For selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more, the store will receive a retailer bonus of $105.44 or 1 percent of the Superfecta win.