‘Racetrax Queen’ Can Pay Off Chariot Loan with Royal Win

“Racetrax Queen,” a loyal player from Clinton, played her favorite game on her way to Baltimore to collect a $35,259 prize in hopes of winning money on her way to get money.

Prince George’s County woman claims $35,259 prize

A loyal player who calls herself “Racetrax Queen” is enjoying her latest royal win. The Clinton resident just collected a purse of $35,259 that she won playing Racetrax on New Year’s Eve at Mac’s Sunnybrook Tavern in Fort Washington.

“That’s my little watering hole,” said the Prince George’s County woman.

“Racetrax Queen” found her latest score with a Superfecta wager on the 3, 5, 9 and 12 horses. She even got $1 off her purchase because she was playing during a Racetrax promotion that gave players discounts on ticket purchases of $6 or more.

She said a substantial chunk of the winnings would go to pay off the loan on her Ford Explorer. The government employee purchased that vehicle with a down payment from a previous Racetrax bet that resulted in a win of about $7,000.

“I used to play Keno,” she noted. “The first time I won Racetrax, I had to give up Keno.” Ever since, she said, the happy winner has consistently enjoyed good luck playing the computer-animated ponies. It’s a trend she hopes will continue.

“I played on the way here,” said the 49-year-old of her trip to Lottery headquarters to claim her prize. “I wanted to win money on my way to get money.”

She’s also planning to use a portion of her big score on a future trip with her sister to Austin, Texas, where they’ll visit a cousin and attend a Charlie Wilson concert. A celebratory meal of crab cakes at a restaurant was also on her agenda.

For selling a Racetrax ticket with a prize of $10,000 or more, Mac’s Sunnybrook Tavern at 9001 Livingston Road in Fort Washington receives more than a shout-out. The queen’s watering hole also gets a Lottery bonus of $352.59, equal to 1 percent of the prize total.